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B & B Specialties, LLC
14234 Cleveland Road
Granger, IN 46530
Ph/Fax: 574-277-0499

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BB Landing Gear Reinforcement Standoffs - 3/16''

Our L.G.R.S. provides you with an excellent way to beef up your landing gear. They come in a package of 4 with self-locking nuts. We have found them useful on many of the Giant Scale Models. The sheet metal landing gears found in many kits are simply inadequate for rough landings. You are constantly rebending and straightening. Our standoffs are easy to install on the strut. A length of 3/16'' or 1/4'' diameter music wire (not furnished) is required. Painting the reinforcement standoffs and wire the color of the strut will help hide them. We have hardened Wheel Axles, Wheel Collar Pants Mounts, and Wheels to complete your landing gear requirements.

Price: $ 8.95

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