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B & B Specialties, LLC
14234 Cleveland Road
Granger, IN 46530
Ph/Fax: 574-277-0499

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BB Super Smoke Pumper w/Control Valve

This high volume smoke system contains the Pump, BB Control Valve, hose and all fittings for easy installation. The Super Smoke Pumper does not include the smoke generating muffler or smoke fuel tank.

The heart of the BB Smoke System is, of course, the pump. It is very simple and operates on engine crankcase pulsing pressure. No electrical wires or extra batteries to carry along. No need to worry about a ruptured smoke fuel tank filling the inside of the fuselage with fluid. The smoke fuel tank is not pressurized. It is a surefire way of moving fluid from the smoke fuel tank to the BB Smoke Generating Muffler. Simple and effective.

How does this system work? You'll be amazed. Technically speaking, as the smoke generating fluid flows from the shut-off valve, it is distributed through a tee to both sizes of the special BB Smoke Generating Muffler, permitting equal distribution of fluid over a larger area of hot metal; thereby allowing more volume of fluid to vaporize. From there on, it's just clouds of white billowy smoke.

Price: $ 59.95

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